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Now already in its 7th year, the Mehudorim Centre is your number one stop for obtaining your arba minim. We stock one of the largest varieties of Esrogim including Morrocan, Chazon Ish and Yanover. We also have Deri Aleph Aleph lulavim and Shotzer Aravos. Pre-checked sets are also available to save you time. Every set of lulav and esrog goes through a vigorous selection process. Esrogim are handpicked, cleaned, graded and packed into a cushioned box for its protection. Lulavim are checked, cleaned and packaged into a protective PVC case which is provided free of charge for your convenience. The Hadasim come pre packed and flown directly from Israel ensuring quality and freshness. The Aravos come packaged and kept in cold storage ensuring the maximum life span. We source the arba minim only from growers who raise them in a halachically permissible fashion. Esrogim have been checked by Rav Zvi Marmorstein Shlit"a. We are offering delivery to NW London and Edgware on Thursday and Friday after Yom Kippur and Sunday Erev Sukkos only to the following postcodes: NW11, NW4, N12, NW7, HA7, HA8, WD6, WD7, WD23.


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